You will find below the answers to the questions frequently asked by people who are interested in our programs. If your question is not listed, contact us through our available contact channels.

Evolución es Conmebol offers training programs in three basic formats: Courses (1 month), Programs (2-3 months) and Certificates - Diplomas (4-8 months) specializing in different areas that are part of our development and growth strategy. If you want to know more details about the programs, check out the programs catalog and select a topic of your interest.

All our training programs are delivered 100% online in an asynchronous way through our digital learning platform. The content of the program you choose will consist of readings, videos, activities, self-assessments, and more resources to study from wherever you are. The content is available 24 hours a day, so that you can access it at any time. An online expert specialized in the subject will accompany you in each course, who will help you go deeper on the topics that are of your interest or most useful to you. It is worth mentioning that each Course (either on its own or as part of a Program or Certificate) has a duration of one month, and that is why we recommend spending at least one hour a day or some fixed hours a week to study, so that you can read/see all the available material and consult the online expert. In this way, you will be ready for exams.

All study material is available on the Evolución es Conmebol platform, which you will be able to access through any device that has Internet connection. Once you enroll and your payment is received, you will get a payment confirmation e-mail. The day the course starts, you will receive the necessary information to access the platform.

You will be able to study on the Evolución es Conmebol educational platform via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, with the following operating Systems: Windows, Mac, OS, Tablet with iOS 4.2 (or advanced), Tablet with Android 2.2 (or advanced).

Access the catalog, where you can find all available training programs. Click on “Full details” to find specific details about the program of your interest. To register, you just need to click on “Buy now” and the payment gateway will guide you through the registration process.

You can pay for your program registration through the available payment gateways (2CheckOut or PayPal), with international credit or debit card authorized for online purchases.

Once your payment is received, you will get a confirmation e-mail. The day the course starts, you will get the access data for the platform, so that you can find your study material.

If you cannot see your course, go to the Service center, and leave us your question so that we can contact you shortly and solve the problem.

This means the COURSE PERIOD has ended.

This happens because you do not have the necessary programs installed. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser.

You will be able to ask all types of questions through the Evolución es Conmebol learning platform's inbox.

Participation Certificates are automatically created once you have finished the course, whether it is a one-month course or part of a Program or Certificate.

In case you have enrolled on a Program or Certificate, after you finish and pass all courses, you will have to take a comprehensive exam using remote monitoring technology. You will be able to get a Verified Certificate of Completion after you have complied with the following conditions:

1) finish and pass all courses that compose your Program or Certificate;
2) take and pass the exam;
3) have the experts’ team's validation.

Once you have fulfilled these three conditions, we will issue your Verified Certificate of Completion or the corresponding Certificate and we will e-mail it to you.

The exam consists of a series of questions about the content you have studied in each course. You will have 10 minutes to do it, and two attempts. This exam integrates a world-class identity check software and remote monitoring of online exams. Once you submit your test results, your session record will be audited to check your identity and the weather conditions where it was taken in order to ensure academic integrity.

After you finish and pass all the courses that compose your training program, you will have to access “Verified Certificate of Completion”, download a step by step guide with detailed information about how to install the remote monitoring software and take your certification exam. This software will register the environmental setting and block the use of programs that are not allowed during the exam. Once the software executes, it will confirm the availability of all technical requirements needed to take the exam. Then, through webcam, it will verify your identity and it will take you to our learning platform where you will do the exam. Once you have submitted your answers, your session record will be audited to verify the authenticity of your identity and academic integrity.

If for any reason you have not received the Verified Certificate of Completion of your program, please contact us through the Service Center.

In case you do not meet the completion requirements of the program, you can download participation certificates of each course on the platform.

The Certificate issued when you finish your training program has your first and last name, the confirmation of participation or completion of your Course/Program/Certificate, the issue date, the signature of the corresponding authority who endorses the skills acquisition and the logo of the university or institution that developed the Course/Program/Certificate.