Physical Training and Profesional football Schedule: Practical Applications

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    Preparación Física y Calendario: Aplicaciones Prácticas

Given the challenges posed by the South American professional football schedule and the demanding standards in players’ physical training, this course aims at presenting and analysing updated, real-life content within the scope of professional football, targeted towards physical trainers who work or seek to work at the high-performance levels of the sport.

At the end of the course, the graduate will have a systemic and scientific understanding of the practical actions aimed at the design of physical training in multiple contexts of South American professional football, thus being able to formulate new ideas and solutions for daily challenges.

Unit 1. Physical Training and physiology.
Unit 2. Specific physical capabilities.
Unit 3. Training of physical capabilities in professional football.

Unit 1. Workload control.
Unit 2. Training follow-up.
Unit 3. Programming sports training.

Unit 1. Professional football schedule: peculiarities and challenges.
Unit 2. Microcycle models in professional football schedule.
Unit 3. Physical training and model of play.

Unit 1: Injury prevention.
Unit 2: Rehabilitation strategies.


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