Welcome Manual

Now you are a part of CONMEBOL.

We thank you very much for choosing us. We aim to provide you with an effective learning experience, combining the quality and assistance of in-person learning with the effectiveness and flexibility of the online world.


We want to provide you with the technological and service context so that you learn what you need to do what you love. For that reason, we would like to share this guide with you, where you can find all the details for managing the course of the program you choose.


The guide has an index with all the key points related to your course, and it has been created for you to consult when you have any doubts or do not know how to solve a task.


If you cannot find an effective answer to your doubt, go to the SERVICE CENTER, select “Do you have any problem related to the course?” and write your query in the box. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all the assistance you need.


At CONMEBOL we offer four types of programs: Courses (1 month), Programs (2 or 3 months), Diplomas (4 months) and Executive Diploma (6 or 8 months).


Our academic model is designed for you to get the appropriate support, suitable context, and the right activities to acquire and develop skills effectively.

This means the duration (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 8 months) of our programs has a service structure defined by the following elements:


  • Online Expert Activities Sharing Moments Therefore
  • The duration of our programs (to a content, journey, and related services level) is designed to maximize the impact on your competencies.
  • Establishing activities and encouragement in every moment of the course.


Competency-based Orientation

At CONMEBOL we choose an innovative academic model, designed to achieve the desired impact, and focused on developing and acquiring skills. This means:


  • From the academic model and contents, we hope to give an effective answer to a context that demands new abilities and approaches.
  • It is created in the intercept of a solid, proven methodology and the creation of contents performed by experts who have renowned experience in their specific fields.
  • It involves cognitive processes and, since it has a competency-based orientation, it breaks down the dimension of time as the main factor and focuses on the results achieved.

MAC© Model

The “learning model based on competencies” embraced acknowledges and, as a consequence, develops two types of competencies:


  • General competencies: related to the work behaviors and attitudes from different production areas, such as the ability to work with a team, negotiation, and planning, among others.
  • Specific competencies: these are related to technical aspects directly associated with occupation, not easy to transfer to other work environments. Examples: the development of infrastructure projects, management knowledge of a particular business, etc.


Impactade Competencies

The general competencies included in our design and developed in our courses are:


  • Collaborative work: throughout the course journey, we give you the option to develop the different provided activities with other participants of the program, enriching the work with different perspectives and approaches.
  • Analysis/consideration and critical judgment ability: through the analysis of the knowledge gained and its corresponding self-assessment.
  • Creativity/innovative solutions based on knowledge: through making group and individual proposals to address a topic, problem, provide alternatives or action plans.

All this can be achieved by implementing different learning objects that are key for the program you are about to start and that we will describe in this document.

At CONMEBOL we have four program typologies, each one with different impacts, designed according to different objectives: Courses (1 month), Programs (2-3 months), Diplomas (4 months) and Executive Diploma (6 or 8 months).

Each course has a duration of one month. Also, each Program consists of 2 or 3 months, and the Diploma consists of 4, 6 o 8 courses, respectively. You will have to go through and work with different learning elements distributed among four modules within the Course.


Each one of these learning elements is designed to encourage you and make it easier for you to acquire instruments, concepts, and tools of the program you choose:


Readings and the course schemes.
Self-assessments in each module.
Activity chosen by the professor in each module of the course.
Rubric of each activity.

In order to access your course, you have to go to our webpage https://evolucion.conmebol.com/en


Once you are there, you have to go to LOG IN. In the pop-up window, you have to LOG IN with the same information you used to purchase, using a username (registered e-mail) and password.



Once you are logged in, you have to click on YOUR NAME in order to drop down the next menu on the upper right corner of the page:




By clicking on “MY COURSES”, you will be able to see all the programs you acquired, with the corresponding starting dates and two options. You have to click on “SHOW CONTENT” and you will see the list of the courses of your program with their opening and finish date”





When clicking on “GO TO CLASS” in the current course, you will have to check and complete the “OATH OF HONOR” with your information: first name, last name and ID number (DNI, passport, ID); click on “I accept and understand the Honor Oath”. Once completed, click on Accept.




Consider that:


a)  If you try to enter before the start date of any course, a message will drop down on your screen showing the right date the course starts.


b)  If you try to enter on the start date, or some days after that, you will go directly to the course platform, leader of online learning.



You should not access the Certificate of Completion until the end of your academic journey, i.e. until you have completed and passed all the courses of your program.


When accessing the current course, you will find an introductory video about the topic that will be developed throughout the course. Then, press Start.



We have designed your experience so that you go through it in an orderly manner, starting with the DIAGNOSTIC (Diagnostic Self-assessment) as a compulsory pre-requirement to access the next modules containing the readings and activities.



A key aspect of CONMEBOL has to do with the assistance provided by our team of experts during your course experience, which, together with learning objects and assessments represent the heart of our activity.
Contact with online experts takes place within the platform, through messaging services.


To access Messaging services, click on the speech bubble in the upper right corner of the screen.

Another key aspect for your learning experience to be effective are Notifications, which will alert you to every news, change or relevant communication related to your program.

Go to the Notifications button
(identified with a bell symbol), upper right margin. A list of the notifications you receive will be displayed there.
This is a discussion area where you can share different topics, practical interventions, activities, information related to this course contents, and interact with your partners. The objective is to contribute to collaborative learning and peer exchange.
To access this space, click on Coffee Break, lociated within the Introductory Module on the man page of your cours




Throughout each course, you will find different steps where you can test your knowledge, either before, during or after the course. These steps are:
  • Diagnostic Self-assessment: is a set of questions so that you can evaluate your previous knowledge about the subject of the course. We recommend doing it at the beginning of the course.



  • Self-assessments: are a set of questions so that you can self-assess the knowledge acquired on the subject of the module. We recommend you do it once you have gone through the videos, readings and activities of said module. You can go back to review the contents and carry out the self-assessments as many times as you want.
  • Final exam: is 20 questions exam so that you can measure your knowledge acquired throughout the course.



Remember that you can only take these instances while the course is in force.


To perform any of these evaluative instances:

1. Click on the exam you want to take.

2. A screen will appear giving you the details of the assessment you are about to take. Once you read them click on TAKE EXAM.

3. There, the platform will show you the list of questions that you must answer. While you are taking the assessment, you will have the option to change the answers as many times as you want. To finalize and submit the assessment, click FINISH ATTEMPT.

As in renowned international exams of languages or other professional skills, an approval certification implies an evaluation process in which knowledge and skills obtained by the candidate in the learning process are tested. The approval of such exam guarantees that such certificate which acts as an official document will be granted. Such documents evidence the legitimate acquisition of skills and qualifications in a specific area.
In this context, remote supervision technology is the key to validating online exam results and to ensure the integrity of those results.


How does verification work?

After finishing the process, candidates would be able to complete the qualified tasks within the course. To obtain a certificate, they will need a passing total score before the end date of the course.
Unlike participation certificates, verification ensures the authenticity and the value of the credential. Those opting for the verified certificate should prove their identity using validation processes for their identification documents, and showing a photo through a webcam. They should also pass the course fulfilling all the requirements for the exam and assignment.


All learning programs offered by CONMEBOL are endorsed by universities that verify, contemplate, and ensure skill acquisition, and extend the corresponding certificate.


There are two types of certificates related to two different ways to meet academic criteria, as indicated below:


  • Approval Certificate: in the case of Programs (2 or 3 months), Diplomas (4 months) and Executive diplomas (6 or 8 months), you will have to pass all courses that make up the program, with a grade higher or equal to 60%. Note: The certificates of completion are subject to an identity validation process where you will only need Internet connection, a standard webcam, and a personal identification.



  • Participation Certificate: in the case of one-month courses (part of another program or as an individual course), it is issued once the course ends, whether you have passed it or not. If you choose not to validate your identity, or in case it is not approved, this certificate is issued and accredits your participation in the program.



All participation certificates are automatically generated on the platform, and they are only available in digital PDF format. We do not print or mail certificates.



You will be able to access and download your certificates by entering the platform, in the MY CERTIFICATES, section, as shown below:





Once you are in that section, you will be able to see or download your participation certificates



If you cannot continue your course at the moment on grounds of force majeure or just wish to do it later, at CONMEBOL, we offer you the possibility to contact your Expert or the Service Center and ask to pause your course until you can go back or reschedule.


Both options are available for no longer than 12 months. If, for any reason, you have doubts about continuing with the course, we suggest you contact your Expert or the Service Center, so we can clear your doubts and help you decide. Any change resulting from that interaction will be subject to the Expert’s review and approval.


You will receive 100% of the amount paid only if the reimbursement is requested up to 24 hours before the online program starts, via the Service Center or if, for any reason, the program cannot be offered on the committed date.





If you have not passed any of the courses that make up your program, you can re-enroll to the pending course or courses, and complete your learning process. Additional cost applies
to the re-enrollment, depending on how many courses you need to retake, and you must request it to your Online Expert, or through our Service Center.

During your course, or at any moment you need it, CONMEBOL provides you with a SERVICE CENTER, where our team will be available to help you solve any problems you may have.
You have two access ways:
1. From the course platform



2. The CONMEBOL’s website.
From whichever way you use to access, there will be three options. Choose the corresponding one according to your need:


a. “If you have any problem with the course”: in order to send your doubt/problem, you will have to log in and participate in one of our programs.
b. “If you have a problem with your purchase”: in this case, you will have to be a registered user, but not necessarily a participant.
c. “Any other query”: open for any doubts. The terms established here could be modified at any moment based on the organization’s criteria.


Those modifications will be informed by the enabled communication channels.



Do not worry. As you use the platform, you will realize it is easier than it seems.


Once your course is available, you just have to concentrate on studying. At CONMEBOL we have a service structure designed for you to have the best learning experience.


Are you ready to be the best version of you?


Kind regards!